Friday, May 23, 2008

Barton Family Blog

Welcome to the Barton Family Blog!

We've decided to phase out Babysites and use our new family blog to include all of our updates, pictures, and videos. We think this will be an easy way for you to keep up with all that God is doing in our family, how much our little ones are growing, and anything else going.

Be sure to make this website a favorite, so you won't have any trouble returning to it to see what updates have been made. We will be adding new updates, pictures, and videos often, so make sure to check back regularly! This is MUCH better babysites, so I promise to do a better job keeping you updated with everything going on in our family.
We love you all!!

{FYI - This is when we "started" our blog, but we decided in 2008 that we wanted to use our blog as our children's scrapbooks, too.  So, there are now posts copied from Babysites pre-dating our blog beginning.}

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Anita said...

Katie, I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had going to the zoo with you! You are such a big girl. Mimi loves you so much.

I know you have been sick and Mimi has been praying for you to get well quickly.

I miss you so much already, I am already counting the days until I can see you, mommy and daddy again. I love you and will see you soon! Mimi