Thursday, June 12, 2008

28 week pregnancy check-up

Today we went for my 28 week check-up. Everything looked great! We even got to take a "sneak peak" at baby Austin while we were there. We were hoping to get a good facial picture of him via the 4D ultrasound, but he would not cooperate...he is too cramped in there to move enough for us to see his face. He was, however, VERY willing to show his "boy parts" PROUDLY! LOL I'll spare you the 4D picture of that, but it was very funny! He's already measuring 30+ weeks (I'm only 28 1/2 weeks), so he's already long for his age. Mark is excited about that...we'll have another basketball player :D As for when he's due...unless something changes closer to the due time, we're looking at getting to meet our little man around August 25th. It's coming quickly!! Until are two of the ultrasound pictures from today.

Austin's profile @ 28 weeks

Austin's LONG feet!

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