Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks at the Battleship

This 4th of July, we went with Mark's parents and some of our friends to the Mobile/Baldwin County fireworks display at the Battleship. I wasn't sure how good Katie would do, since we would be there from about 6 to 10 (fireworks started at 9). But she had a blast! She couldn't wait to "tip toe in the grass"...that's all she talked about doing on the way there. She ran all over the place non-stop, and loved every minute of it.

Once it was time for the fireworks to start, she just stood there amazed! This was the first "real" fireworks she had ever seen. She kept jumping up and saying "POP" when they would burst in the air. She thought it was so funny! She wasn't scared at all, which surprised me!
Here are a few pictures from our fun...

Me (at 31 weeks) and my honey
(Katie wouldn't be still long enough to get a pic w/ us)

Mark and Katie playing "chase"
Mark and Katie watching the start of the fireworks

Beautiful fireworks!
Katie amazed at the fireworks display!
Waterfall fireworks...awesome!

Katie watching the end of the fireworks
Hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July holiday! We miss you all!!

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Kristen said...

Hi guys, we will bookmark your blog for sure! Love the pictures of everyone...and I think Austin Tyler is a great, strong name for your boy...I actually thought about Austin at one point, but being from Tx, we decided against it. :-) Keep in touch!