Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mobile Botanical Gardens

Today we went to the Mobile Botanical Gardens to attempt to get a few pictures of our family before Austin arrived. Although we were there at 9am, it was MISERABLY hot! Needless to say, none of us wanted to be taking pictures for very long. We didn't get very many, but Mark took a few great shots that I wanted to share with you all! Hope you enjoy!!

Me & Katie
Taking a walk...

More laughs... :D awww...Daddy & Katie (cheesing!)35 weeks
my happy family!

35 week belly

Just as an update for everyone...I had my 34 week check up this past week. Everything looks great! We had a "sneak peak" at Austin, and the ultrasound shows that he weighs 5lb 1oz already. He still has 4 weeks to grow, so we may need to expect a big baby boy! :D I go back to the doctor again on August 6th, then I go every week until he's born. He'll be here soon!
We love you all and miss you lots!


The Ranew Family said...

I love the pics!! They turned out very well. I can't believe Austin is almost here!!

Anita said...

I miss you all so much! The pics are great! Give Katie a big hug for me and tell her I will see her soon! I love you all!