Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Crazy-Busy Life

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated, so I thought I'd post to let you know about our CRAZY-BUSY life lately!

If you didn't already hear, Mark was officially offered and accepted a full-time permanent position with the Army Corps of Engineers here in Mobile two weeks ago. That was a HUGE answer to prayer, because we didn't feel that God was ready for us to move out of the state, but there also weren't any comparable jobs outside of the Corps here that could meet what we needed to support our family. We've been praying about this for over a year now, but very specifically for the past few months. In any case, we're praising God that we don't have to move! God has once again provided for our family's needs in His perfect timing.

Well, with the great news of Mark's permanent job came LOTS of necessary overtime work for Mark in his new position. His first week was spent in Seattle, and since then, he's worked more overtime than anyone could ever ask for. It is a blessing to be able to get the extra income to put back, especially with Austin soon arriving, but it has also been very difficult for all three of us. Mark is exhausted most of the time...Katie is "daddy-deprived"...and I need my husband back! He's gone before Katie and I get up at 7a and when he gets home, he has enough time to eat before it's pretty much Katie's bedtime. Needless to say, we are all ready for a vacation away from his work, although we don't see a chance for one anytime soon. So, we're taking each day as we can, enjoying the little time we've had together, and looking forward to life getting back to normal soon!

This week was especially hard for me. Katie came down with a virus that caused her to run a very high fever for a couple of days. I'm glad it was only for 2 days, but they were 2 days too many for us. The poor thing would get chills and even throw up due to her high fever, and the medicine would wear off long before I could give her a second dose. Needless to say, those were some extremely lonnnng days for both me and Katie...especially without having any relief help in the afternoons (since Mark was working so much overtime). Thankfully, she is over her virus and back to her normal self. And, although I could definitely use some personal time to get away for a bit, it is much easier to handle the long days with a healthy, happy girl!

As for pregnancy...we're at our 34 week mark now, which is great! Only 5 more weeks to go before our scheduled c-section (set for Monday morning, August 25th). We're assuming that Austin is not going to make any attempts to come early, so we can wait to have him at 39 weeks. I'm very much to that uncomfortable stage now. If it weren't best for his health to wait, I would already be asking for him to be here! I don't get much sleep anymore...he loves kicking my ribs 24/7, which HURTS!...and those lovely braxton hicks contractions are frequent and uncomfortable now. But we've had a great pregnancy, so I have nothing to complain about. We just can't wait to be able to finally meet our Austin. Katie tells me almost every day now, "I want to see Austin"..."I want him OUT!" It's very cute, although I'm sure there will be times when he gets here that she wants to put him back in. ;) We're all anxious for his arrival to be here!

Well, that's your "sneak peak" into our crazy-busy life right now. So, when you question why there are no new pictures...few new posts...etc., just remember all that is going on, and know that I will do my best to post more soon! We love you all and miss you lots!!

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