Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Single Mommy for the Week...

Well, this week, I've been a single mommy, and I must say, I'm glad it's only for the week! Mark had to go to Seattle for work this week, and Katie and I don't know what to do without him. We've tried to keep ourselves busy and out of the house much of the time, just to keep our minds off of missing him so much.

Today it hit Katie even more that she missed her Daddy. I kept finding her in our bedroom looking at our wedding picture. She kept talking to the picture saying "I want to see you sooooon, Daddy" and "I miss you, Daddy". It honestly made me want to cry! She even tried holding the cell phone up to the mirror when she was talking to him this morning so he could "see" her. Needless to say, we will both be VERY thankful when he returns late Friday night.

In attempt to keep myself occupied this afternoon while Katie napped, I did try to take a few "maternity pictures"...which was MUCH harder than I anticipated!! But I did do a few that I will share with you until I do my "real" portraits in the next couple of weeks. Austin is growing bigger every day!!

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