Friday, September 26, 2008

1 month check-up

Today we went to Children's Medical for Austin's 1 month check-up. It's unbelieveable that he's already a month old! But, Dr Faye told us what I already knew...he's perfect, just like Katie. ;) Austin is growing great, just like he needs to be. He now weighs 8lb 14oz (which means he gained 1lb 14oz in 2 weeks LOL), and he's 21 3/4" long. He's in the 50th percentile of height and 25th percentile of weight, which is great! He had to get a shot and also a heel prick (PKU test) today, but he was a trooper.

Katie came with us and was very good. She did get very concerned when Dr Faye came in and started examining Austin. I had to hold her up so she could watch, and the whole time I had to continuously answer what she was doing to him. It was so sweet...Austin has a VERY loving and protective older sister!

After we finally got home (the appointment took 2 hours!), we were all exhausted! Austin slept for 3 hours, Katie slept for 2 1/2 hours, and I got a little nap in, as well. After our naps, Austin was in a good mood, so I figured I'd snap a few pictures to let you see for yourself how much he's little chunky monkey! Be sure to notice his adorable outfit (one of my favorites), and his new shoes. Today was his first time in shoes ;)

I also took a few pictures of Katie for you. She's such a sweetheart! Here she is with her new baby Darla and stroller. She plays with her baby all day long and takes care of her just like I do for Austin. She's definitely a "Big Sister" and a BIG helper to me!


Anita & Megan said...

How precious! I miss you all so much. Austin is really growing..he seems to favor Mark to me. But this picture of Katie looks just like her mommy at the same age! I love you all! Mimi

Aunt Lynn said...

Just so you know this child looks just like you did at this age. I will scan you a picture and email it. If I did not know any better I think I had traveled back in time.