Friday, September 12, 2008

Katie's last moments with Aunt Megan

As you all know, Aunt Megan and Mimi went back to North Alabama yesterday. We all miss them greatly already! Katie reminds herself and everyone that will listen that Mimi had to go back to work and Aunt Megan had to go back to school...but they will "see you soon", as she says.
Katie made me laugh yesterday...she suddenly realized that Aunt Megan was going to be leaving, and she wouldn't let her out of her sight for a second! They raced all around the house...running, jumping, crawling...playing hide and name it, they did it! Every time Megan sat down, Katie was begging her to get back up to play. I must say, though, that Megan was a true sport about it all...what more could you ask of an aunt than to wear a bib at lunch time just so Katie would wear one??? hehe...I have picture proof of that below! Katie was so excited that Aunt Megan "matched" her. And poor Megan endured more Cookie Monster and Elmo clips on the computer before she left, even though she had already watched them hundreds of times in the past few days. (You can see those pictures below, too).

Aunt Megan and Katie wearing bibs together ;)

Watching Elmo together...look at that sweet snuggle time Aunt Megan was getting! ;)
Big hugs for Aunt Megan!

Thanks, Aunt Megan, for all of your help these past few weeks...especially with Katie. She loved every second of it, and is still talking about how she gave you big hugs and a big kiss when you left. :) You are a GREAT aunt to Katie, and you have Austin and baby Gillstrap to get more practice with soon. Hope you enjoy your pictures! We miss you lots!!!!

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