Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our 2nd week as a family of 4!

Today I went to the doctor for my 2 week check-up. Everything looked great. I can now start doing "light" activity...driving, etc. I go back again in 4 weeks for my final post-surgery check-up, where I will be released to resume normal activity and exercising. I feel great! It honestly feels like I should be released to do anything now, but when I overdo it, I quickly realize why that isn't the case. As good as I feel, I do have to take it body is still healing.

Mark has been working hard at work, as usual, this week. He's been up throughout the nights with me and Austin often, so I know he is probably wearing out quickly. Luckily, we planned for him to take vacation next week, so I would have one more week before I was "alone" with Katie and Austin all day. Mark will actually be working from home much of next week, but even that will help me out! And maybe it will give him a little extra rest, as well.

Katie is doing great! She has made it through her "transition" time, and is back to being her obedient, helpful self...which is a HUGE answer to prayer! It makes it much easier when she cooperates with me during the day.

She is loving her homeschooling! She makes me laugh so much. I can't even MENTION school until I am completely ready to sit down with her because the second she hears the word, she runs to get her "Bible book" (as she calls it) and waits for me to start our story and lesson. She is retaining so much amazes me! Just over the past 3 weeks, she has gone from being able to count from 1-10, missing 3-4 in between to being able to count 1-15, missing only 1-2! She can also point and count things up to about 5-6 (before she gets too fast and skips some. I'm so proud of her!

Katie got to spend this morning with Mimi and Aunt Megan while I was at the doctor, and when I returned, they took her to the Watermelon Patch to play. She has really enjoyed her time with Mimi and Aunt Megan. I know she is going to hate it when they leave will I! They have been such a HUGE help while I've been recovering. I know it really helped Katie transition to being a big sister. We will definitely miss them when they leave tomorrow!

Austin is 2 weeks old now and already changing in his looks a lot. He is putting on the weight now, which doesn't surprise me since he's such a big eater!! I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already reached 8lbs. Here are a few snapshots of him that I took earlier today. Can you see the changes??

Katie is also growing so much! Her hair is dark, curly, and getting longer every day. Before we know it we may just have enough for a ponytail (or a hairbow that will actually stay put)! She is such a huge help for me now. She's Miss Independent...she even loves choosing her own clothes and getting herself dressed, just like she did for these snapshots! ;) She still loves to "cheese" for the camera, too...that may never change! Who does Katie look like NOW???

Until then...

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