Saturday, September 6, 2008

This week...

We took Austin for his first weight check on Thursday (one week from when we were released from the hospital). When we left the hospital, he weighed 6lb week later, he was up to 7lbs! He was 2oz shy of gaining a whole pound in one week! He's doing great...eating great...and growing as he should! His little cheeks are even getting chubby now. :)

Last night, Mark and Megan took Katie to see "Elmo LIVE" for a special treat, and she LOVED it! I really wish I could have been there to see her excitement, but there will be other times for that. She came home very excited! She named all of the Sesame Street gang that she met, and showed me how she "danced" while Elmo was singing. And, now on of her favorite songs to sing is "lalalala lalalala Elmo's World"'s so precious! My little girl is growing up!!

Today, I had my first time away from Austin. Mark and I left Austin and Katie with Mimi and Megan (during nap time) for a few hours today. It was good to have a little time out of the house, but it was hard to be away from our babies, too. We went to visit our close friends and their new addition in the hospital, then "attempted" to find me a few shirts that would actually fit me right now (we weren't very successful), and then we made a quick grocery trip.

So far, our week has been good. Katie is doing MUCH better with her behavior, etc., and I am still doing good with my recovery. All we have to watch now is the big hurricane that will be in the Gulf early this week! Keep that in your prayers! Until next time...

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