Monday, October 27, 2008

JCCA Family Fun Day

Katie was invited to a local christian school's family fun day on Saturday morning, and she had a blast! It was her first time to go to any carnival type setting. Hope you enjoy the pictures of her. There are none of Austin, because he slept in his Ergo carrier the whole time ;)

Here is Katie riding her first pony. She had a VERY serious face the whole ride, but she got off and wanted to do it again and again. She said she loved it! She still talks about riding the pony.

Here is Katie at the bean bag toss...she figured out the best way to toss it without missing the hole! We couldn't help but laugh at her! ;)

Here is Katie at the fish pond. This one really confused her...especially after a bag came back on her fishing line...instead of a fish! She stood there perplexed for several minutes. She didn't know what to think about this one...

Katie at the duck pond...she was great at catching the ducks. I think it was a little boring for her! She wanted to catch more than one. But she did enjoy the prizes she got!

Make sure to ask Katie about all of her fun day fun when you talk to her next. She loves telling everyone what she did there. Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

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