Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, you heard correctly! My not quite 3 month old has rolled over from back to belly (the hard way) three times since last night. Of course, I missed the first one, but I'm thankful that Mark was home to see it. He has rolled over twice for me today, though. It's so funny to watch! I hope to catch it on video soon, but he's laying on his side looking in one direction, and then he turns from that side to the other side and without stopping, onto his belly in one VERY quick, smooth movement!

Just a look back into Katie's past...she rolled over at 2 months old (early, too), but she did it the opposite way, from her belly to her back. Austin is trying really hard to "one-up" his sister, but I'm very proud of BOTH of my over-achieving children! :P

More pictures to come soon! We took some "Christmas Portraits" the other day, but I don't want to post my favorites, may be getting them in your Christmas card. But here are a few to make you smile...

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Josh, Christina and Daniel Busby said...

great one on austin.. The other one looks kinda like they didnt want mommy taking their piture LOL ;) they are adorable marsha!! Email me yalls addy... need to update it. I will update u as well!