Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Advent Calendar

My stay-at-home mom's group had a craft night to make Advent Calendars. Although I wasn't able to make it to the craft night, I did make a calendar for us to use and enjoy this year. It was fun and super easy to make! When December 1st comes around, all of the magnet dates will be removed. Katie will get to add a magnet each day to help her count to Christmas Day. I think it turned out great! Just overlook the glare on the picture...I didn't have time to take a "good" picture...only a snapshot.

On a side note...remember that Advent starts Sunday, November 30th. If you haven't tried doing Advent with your family, this is a great year to try it. We're going to use Jotham's Journey as our Advent devotional/story this year, along with the traditional verses in the KJV Bible that tells of the birth of Christ. Katie is very excited about getting to help light each candle this year, and we're excited about having this great tradition in our family. What a great way to teach our children the story of Christ's birth!!

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