Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growing and ACTIVE!!

It's been a little while since I've has been crazy busy! Our little ones are growing and active ALL the time now!

We recently took Austin for his 4 month check-up. He weighed 13lb 10oz and was 26" long. He is growing so quickly now!! He loves eating his cereal...sometimes he even lets me know clearly that he wants more ;) He will be starting fruits and veggies over the next several weeks. It's hard to believe he is old enough for that already! He's so active now...he doesn't know what it means to be still!! He loves his ExerSaucer, but that shouldn't surprise me...Katie loved it most, too. He also enjoys his playtime on the floor, but the challenge is keeping him on a blanket! He rolls all over the living room...within minutes! He loves to watch Katie play...they are going to be great playmates soon. :)

Katie is also growing like a weed, and so is her hair!! It's very curly, so it doesn't always look long, but it is thick! If I could just convince her to try out hairbows...she won't have that, though ;) The past several days she has really let her imagination show! Currently, she has two pet alligators that live in our is pink and one is blue ;) She played with her alligators for hours the other them food, getting Meeko to help "wake them up", and playing with them. Where this came from...who knows!? But I did check...they are nice alligators that sing "God is so good"! She is SO serious when she is telling me all of these's so hard not to laugh because it's so cute seeing her imagine and pretend play so much, but I try to not let her see me laughing...I don't want to discourage her from learning and playing. The picture below is of Katie sitting with her Alligators ;) They are beautiful, aren't they??

Meeko has become Katie's best friend lately. She and he love to play together...though, they both get in trouble often for playing too rough! It is really fun to see them enjoying playtime long as they are being sweet.

Well, that's a good look at the little ones lately. Until next time...

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