Monday, January 26, 2009

Many Faces of Katie...

This weekend, Katie tested her "toughness". Poor girl looks like she has been in a bad cat fight...and she didn't win! Friday, she was walking...well, probably the mailbox with me. She fell and slid across the concrete, giving her a beautifully red, scuffed nose. But, she didn't cry! Her reaction was "but can I still go get the mail?"

Then, if that wasn't enough, she was playing with Meeko yesterday after church. Both got a little too rough too quick, and Meeko scratched her down her cheek, leaving two long scratches from the top of her cheek all the way down. tears...she just didn't want me to put Meeko "in time-out" because she wanted to play again.

All I can say for Katie is that she is REALLY TOUGH!! You can probably catch a glimpse of her recent battle wounds in the following pictures. She wanted to "make faces for Mimi" this morning, so we did :) ENJOY!!!

My sweet girl...
I love this pose! I don't know where she learned it, but I hope she will remember it the next time I take her to do "professional" pictures in the near future!

My silly girl...
What more can I say? She has so very silly faces when she wants to! :)

My serious...VERY serious girl!
She uses this often when she is telling me something that she thinks is very serious. But it's really hard not to laugh when she is making this face, because it is so funny to see!

My happy girl!
I love seeing this smile...I see it more and more everyday. She is such a happy 2 year old! I am so blessed to have her. She makes me smile just watching her!

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