Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Its that time again...time to confess the things I absolutely did not do this week.
  • I did not decide to join the "Not Me" Monday blogging, even though I already have a hard time of keeping my blog updated for everyone to see...adding more to my already over-abundance of "hats" to wear...I'm not calling this my weekly "therapy". not me.

  • I certainly do not have anything to write about on here because I never fail to get everything done on my schedule!

  • I did not take advantage of every second Mark was off work on Monday and Tuesday by letting the kids, especially Katie, cling to him all day long. hehe...I would not do that...NOT ME!

  • I did not find Katie sitting (stuck, might I add) in Austin's exersaucer because she wanted to be a "baby".

  • I did not make a new "bathroom" rule...that the new special Dora book can ONLY be read while trying to potty. And this new rule did not give Katie the push she needed to try to be a big girl! She is definitely not wearing big girl panties all the time now! My little girl is growing up... (picture below...Katie wearing her big girl panties!)

  • I did not try to be a "good" mommy and remove Austin's bumper pads now that he's rolling all over the bed, only to put them back on a day later because he kept getting his arms and legs stuck between the railings.

  • My little boy is definitely notalready 6 months old now! Can you believe it??

1 comment:

Anita and Megan said...

Katie, I love your big girl panties! I will be sending you another surprise soon! I love you!!

Austin...you are such a big boy...I miss you and love you too!!