Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Veggie Tales!

The local Lifeway Christian Store here had a special day with Veggie Tales' "Bob & Larry" this past weekend. Katie was so excited about seeing them! The first thing out of her mouth was "WOW, they are TALL!!" It was so cute. She really enjoyed spending time with Bob & Larry, as well as making a craft, getting some "goodies", and a snack with her Veggie Tale friends. Austin was there, too...in the Ergo carrier...but he loved looking around at everything, too :) Katie was the only kid who wanted to get close to, and even HUG, Bob & Larry! She couldn't understand why the others stayed so far away, but she enjoyed her one-on-one attention!

Katie is STILL talking about seeing Bob, Larry, and Hermie (an earlier trip). She loves these "big" friends. Hopefully it will stay that way...it's much easier when she isn't scared of characters! :D

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