Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Check-up Time!

Austin had his 6 month check-up this morning. All good news! He's growing great...doing all of the "milestones" he should be...and getting taller and taller every day! He is now 28" long and 15lb 9oz. To put it into perspective for those of you who haven't had babies recently...28 inches puts him in the 95th percentile for his height. He has to wear 12 month pajamas at 6 months old due to his height! WOW! His weight is between the 25-50 percentile, which is good. He has now been given the "OK" to try table foods with us (one new thing every few days...and only things that can be processed into soft bites, like potatoes, etc.). I know Nana and Mimi will be thrilled to hear that, since they always want to give him a taste of food :)

While we went to the doctor this morning, I braved (alone) taking Katie in her panties...no pull-ups! She did great!! She went to the potty while we were there, and never had an accident! We're in the early stages of potty training, but she's doing it like a pro!! I'm SO proud of my little "BIG" girl :D

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