Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me...Monday!

It's that time again...time to confess those things I did not do this week.
  • I did not have such a busy week that my house cleaning did not get finished...or probably even started! not me!!

  • I did not survive the first full week of potty-training Katie with only a hand-full of accidents. And she is not successfully staying dry at nap and night time, too!

  • We certainly did not brave a family (extended family) dinner out at a restuarant that was definitely not an hour away. And I did not have two children that were replaced with angels the entire time! That would not happen to us!!

  • Our TV did not suddenly decide to croak just in time for Katie to miss her Saturday morning cartoons. And she did not have to live without a TV for several days. Since she does not like watching movies throughout the week when I'm working in the house, this certainly was not a big thing for her to live without.

  • We did not finally get the kids a swingset! And I certainly did not fail to put sunscreen on Katie and let her get her first sunburn ever while playing on her new swingset. I would not forget something so important!

  • I did not just post this without adding one single picture! But just in case you think I did, please rest assured...they are coming soon!!

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