Friday, March 13, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

It's that time confess all of those things we did not do this week!
  • Austin did not start trying to crawl this week at only 6 months old! He's definitely not mobile enough just with his rolling and back scooting. And, I certainly did not get lucky enough to catch his new attempts on camera!! (ENJOY!)

  • Katie was not "too smart" this week in asking when she could go outside to play. She certainly is not old enough to hold this conversation in front of me without prompting or help of any kind... Katie "Can I go outside now?" Mommy "Not yet, Katie." Katie "Is it raining? NO. Is it cold? NO. Is it warm? YES! NOW can I please go outside?" Now...what could I say to this that she put so much thought into? My excuses were no good this time...she got to play outside in her pj's!

  • I did not fail miserably in my work-out routine and cleaning routine this week, and I would never blame it mostly on my busyness and tiredness.

  • I am not really enjoying time with my family here. And I'm definitely not at all sad at the thought of them leaving in another day or so.

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Hannah Jo Creations said...

I can't believe he is already trying to crawl!!! He is going to be walking before you know it!