Monday, March 23, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

It's that time again... Time to confess all of the things we did not do this week!

I did not find it impossible to get any housework done this week, regardless of how hard I tried. Because I certainly do not have two kids that are always either needing something or getting into something that they shouldn't be!

Speaking of getting into things...I did not leave Austin in the floor playing with his toys long enough to put away a few dishes, only to find that he had crawled across the floor and figured out how to get into the bottom of the exersaucer! He definitely could not do that on his own! But just in case he could, this would be how he'd look...

Katie has not convinced Daddy to paint her room pink by reminding him that he promised that after she started pottying like a big girl, she could redecorate her room! And she is not the least bit excited about choosing Ariel, The Little Mermaid as her theme. She is not only a couple of days away from being accident free for a whole week, which means Ariel bedding comes home with us, and Daddy's fun begins...

I did not catch Austin eating...our living room rug, a computer cord, our family Bible, my flip flops, Katie's shoes, and Katie's "too small for Austin" toys...ALL in about 3 minutes time! Oh, the joy of having a crawling baby!!

I am not cutting this "Not Me" Monday very short today to clean house while the kids are napping...because I certainly do not have a dirty, unorganized house right now that needs weeks of one-on-one time without interruption! Definitely not me!

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