Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Monday, already??? Time to confess what I did not do this week...

We did not start the process of updating Katie's room with her choice of decor...Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid. (This was her reward for potty training). Bedding...this week; pink walls...soon! Katie was not so excited to have this change that we let her stay up later than normal just to wash it before bed!

I did not re-embrace my naturally curly hair this weekend after spending most of my life fighting with it. I would never do this, because I always have plenty of time to dry and straighten my hair on a daily basis with my little ones. But, after doing so, I certainly did not realize that I actually like the style and the quickness of it, even if it isn't perfect! (Mark took a picture for me to show you, though I should have had him take a side picture, because you really can't even see the curl in this's there, I promise! What do you think?)

I have not had a really long week of feeling like I have accomplished nothing, no matter how hard I tried. And I'm not actually happy that tomorrow is Monday, so I can have a fresh start to try again this week!

As for Austin...I did not "lose" him several times throughout the week...within a 1-2 minute (if that) time frame. I did not find him trying to eat a lamp cord behind the corner rocker/recliner twice! I did not find him searching the floor for every hidden piece of grass or leaves to eat!! And, I certainly would not find him (after an actually challenging search) hidden completely under the twin bed in his room, getting into who knows what!!!

Katie has not really been testing me and Mark lately. She's definitely not being defiant in most all aspects of life, from even the simplest request. And we are not praying for lots of wisdom right now because of it! Would you pray with us? I really need God to show me how to get through to far, that has not happened, regardless of what we have tried.

I did not spend two nights this weekend sleeping lying on the couch to be sure I could hear my little ones while the power was out, while wishing they made monitors with battery back-ups!

Thankfully, we did not (no, we really did NOT have) any destruction after either of the severe thunderstorms that went through our area. Praise the Lord for that!

That's all of my "Not Me" Monday...until next Monday! :)

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