Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photographic Randomness of my Precious Ones!

I know I haven't posted as many pictures as normal, I'm making up for it! Hope you enjoy this post full of random pictures from our week so far.

Bet you guess what Katie is doing!

You've gotta love the creative play that toddlers can come up with! Katie transformed my vacuum cleaner into a giant telescope to "spy" things. The second picture, she was very excited because she finally found....drum roll please..."GOOFY...ON MARS!" :) I love it!!

Katie is really enjoying Austin being able to crawl around and play in the floor with her...except when he's grabbing her hair...snatching her cup...pulling her clothes...taking her toys...well, you get the picture! She loves it when he stays beside her...doing nothing...which only happens for like .5 seconds, but none-the-less, she still loves it :)

And Austin is definitely enjoying his mobility freedom. He knows exactly where to find his toys, and he's great at dumping out the basket. The problem comes in when he doesn't want to play with his toys...he wants to chew on my basket! :)

Introducing...The DROOL MONSTER! Don't you just love those drool-soaked clothes, high-fives in the face right out of Drool Monster's mouth, and drool kisses begging to find a home on your freshly fixed make-up?! I know I do :)

And one more shot of my sweet girl! She is facinated with getting her picture made now. Every time I take one picture, I must be prepared to take 20 more of her! YES, that is chocolate on her chin...that means she did a GREAT job pottying like a big girl today! :D I love you, Princess!

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