Sunday, March 29, 2009


The past couple of weeks have proven to be very challenging for me. What have been my challenges, you ask? Maybe you should ask, what haven't been challenges.

Actually, that isn't totally accurate. I think most everything boils down to time. I need more time in the day...time for God...time for the kids...time for cleaning the house...time for cooking our meals...time for preparing lessons for church...time to fellowship with friends & family...time for photography...time to minister to neighbors, friends, family, and acquaintances...time to put more thought & time into growing our ladies' ministry at church...time to spend actually holding those deep, special conversations with the love of my life...time to read...time to work on unfinished projects, of which I have many...time for me...just TIME!

And, I know, sometimes you take on too much to fulfill your duties, and you have to learn to say "No", but I don't feel that I've done that. There is not one ministry that God has given me, either inside or outside of the home, that I feel He would have me lay aside at this point. Actually, I am burdened for so many other many other things that need attention...need a willing heart...but, most of all, need time.

My prayer is that God would open my eyes to see how I could save time, make better use of my time, or even multiply my time! My heart is heavy with things that need more attention...but I struggle to know how to even begin to give more attention to anything when I can't even complete a few necessary tasks a day to keep our household running smoothly. So, for all of you prayer warriors out there...would you pray with me this week that God would show me what I can change to be a better time manager, so I can minister to my family and others the way that He would have me to?

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