Friday, April 17, 2009


This has been one CRAZY week! I honestly thought things would slow down a little bit after Easter, but so far, that has not been the case.

Mark took off on Monday, and we enjoyed getting a few things done, but mostly just relaxing, playing with the kids, and resting. Tuesday, the "fun" began. I woke up early to feed Austin and saw Mark on the couch (he should have been at work already). He had been sick during the early morning and came to sleep in the living room. I just thought he got up to get ready for work!, Tuesday, Mark was home sick...and the kids were as energetic as ever, which makes for a very tiring (and trying) day. Mark seemed to feel a little better Wednesday morning, so he got up to get ready for work. Again, I got up to feed Austin, and walked in the living room only to see Mark sitting at the table, dressed for work, typing on his computer. "Why?" You ask...I did, too! He wasn't feeling 100% but decided to go in to work anyway...but the car wouldn't start! Needless to say...early afternoon, we finally got it cranked and took it to the shop to be checked. They couldn't find anything wrong, and it's cranked fine since then. Go figure! Wendesday evening, we go to church to teach our Pee-Wee Club, and Mark again starts feeling sick. So, Thursday, he goes to the doctor...I told him it was best to do that since this had been going on for a while now. They decided that he probably had the start of a stomach ulcer...the labwork will tell us for sure soon. And, that brings us to today...where Mark took off 1/2 day to attend a funeral service of a dear lady in our church, who went to see her Savior earlier this week. So...after a week like this, what more can I say but "CRAZY"??

I did fail to mention about the kids, though...Austin has decided to crawl this week! He's been army crawling, but now, as of Tuesday, he's on his hands and knees, and he is QUICK!! I know I've said this before, but it's even worse now...He's into EVERYTHING!! His new "favorite" things to do...hide behind/under the rocking chair, while Katie is rocking her little heart away (not knowing he's there)...pull off the door stopper and use it as a teether (ouch!) inside Meeko's in Meeko's food/water bowls...and how could I forget to mention sticking his little fingers in the VHS player! Now, some of you may be thinking that it would help if I watched my children, because he is dangerously close to being hurt. Well, please come stay with me for 5 minutes to watch all of this take place within 2 minutes, as I constantly move him back to his toy stash in between each "no-no". Seriously...he's QUICK!

Katie is being super sweet. She was Daddy's "doctor" much of the week, and he was eating it up! She stayed snuggled up to him most of the day on Tuesday, which says a lot for her. She doesn't sit still OR snuggle with anyone for very long. She's working really hard on potty-training, still. Her favorite thing now is finding a "new" potty every time we go into a store. She found a favorite at our library this week. They had one "just her size" and a sink "just her size", too. She thought that was the coolest! So cool, in fact, that we had to make 2 trips in 5 minutes!! Gotta love potty-training... :D

Now, what am I looking forward to after this week? You may think rest... sleep... vacation... getting the fence completed... and those are all great guesses that I would indeed love. But honestly, I am looking forward to watching the final 6 episodes of Prison Break, that airs beginning TONIGHT at 8p! Sad, I know...but I've followed it from the beginning, and I have to see how it ends! I was pulled in...hook, line, and sinker! And I'm not embarrassed to say so :)

Finally, for all of you family reading...I have Easter/Spring pictures being printed and mailed to me as we speak. So, be on the look-out, you will have new pictures VERY soon!! I PROMISE!

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Josh, Christina and Daniel Busby said...

Hey marsha!

plese email us who passed away. We feel so third wheelish because of distance, but we know this is where we are suppose to be. sorry to hear that you had a rough week...