Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Portraits

I always look forward to Bellingrath's Easter Extravaganza for many reasons...but my favorite reason is that it's a great time to take new spring portraits of our family! I absolutely LOVE taking pictures at Bellingrath...if only I could master the art of capturing two happy children simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Austin was up most of the night/morning before our Bellingrath trip due to a bad tummy ache, which continued throughout the day. He did not feel good while we were there, and would not cooperate to take many pictures. You'll notice that most of the pictures are of Katie only. But, I promise, I will do a "retake" for Austin in the next week or so to get some spring portraits of him for everyone to see.

We were, however, able to get a complete family picture! (Amazing, I know!) Mark's parents came with us, so we used them as stand-in photographers a couple of times. And, I think they did quite well!!

I hope you enjoy these pictures for now...

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures of you all are very good. Katie and Austin are growing so fast. Please give them a hug from your dad and me and tell them we love them. We hope to see you all soon. We love you. Booney