Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Katie's Spring Projects...

Katie has been begging for a "pink flower" that she can "water it, smell it, and see it grow". So, we decided to take her to Lowe's to pick her very own plant! Here are the beautiful pink petunias that she has found to take care of for the season. She's doing a great job, too, might I add. She checks on it daily and adds water every chance she gets (when I let her).

We also decided that as a "learning experience" for her, we would let her plant some grape tomato seeds & strawberry seeds to let her watch grow.

After 1 week, her tomato seeds have started to sprout. She was so excited to see the little sprouts beginning to appear. Hopefully she will continue to enjoy seeing how God makes things grow! We'll keep you updated as they grow more.

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