Monday, April 20, 2009

Let me OUT!

Today, I resorted to the "play pen" tactic. I asked Mark to get the large play pen that we used for Meeko as a puppy out of the attic, so I could use it during the day. It was supposed to contain Austin and allow me to get a little housework done. I think the following pictures tell it all!

Austin didn't mind it for like the first...umm...30 seconds! He pulled himself up and cruised around the gate. I think he thought I had made a way for him to cruise around the house.

That is...until he realized he couldn't get to any of the many things he normally likes to get the computer cords, the DVDs, the VHS player, the doorstopper, the dog bowls, etc. As you can see, he's not a fan! If I even LOOK like I'm thinking of putting him in there, he screams. He stands there and screams and screams and screams. Katie plays with him, but he just stands there like this...

Katie even attempted to "break him out" earlier. Thankfully, she couldn't figure that out! Oh much for getting the housework done!

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