Monday, April 27, 2009

"Not Me! Monday"

It's that time again...time to "fess up" all the things we did not do this week!

I am not really missing MckMama's "Not Me! Monday!" posts, and am praying that Stellan will be home very soon!! You can check our her blog to get updates on Baby Stellan. I know they would appreciate your prayers!

I am not going to complete this entire post without any new pictures of the kiddos, because I haven't had the time or energy to take any the past few days! (SORRY!!)

I did not find myself at a doctor's office with Katie twice last week for her eye infection. And I certainly did not think I was going to have to go again after her 36 hours of high fever this weekend! Thankfully, it appears that whatever was causing her fever has passed.

I have not bribed (because I do not like the bribery tactic at all) Katie with every form of "surprise" I could think of since Thursday to try to get her to let me put her eye drops in 4 times a day. And, she was definitely not too smart for that after just two doses! Thankfully, we have only 3 more days of the eye drops...I'm running out of ideas and bribes!!!

I did not use a pool to get her to let me do her eye drops today. So, after naptime today, I will not find myself baking in the 80 degree heat, to let Katie and Austin enjoy their first "swim" for the year! (I will get pictures of this one for you and post them later on).

I did not just realize that I will be celebrating Austin's 1st birthday in less than 4 months and Katie's 3rd birthday in almost 6 months! Where has the time gone???

Speaking of the kids...Austin is not now considered a "pro" at crawling and cruising around the house! And he certainly did not start saying "da-da" this week for the first time! He still said "ma-ma" first, though!! hehe...just had to throw that in!! (He now says "ma-ma", "bye bye", and "da-da").

Oh, and how could I forget! I certainly did not find Austin playing in the toilet water a few days ago, when only seconds before he was quietly playing with his toys in the floor as I fixed my hair!! (Boys...what is it about playing in toilet water!? I'm sure it won't be long before he's trying to let his army men take a rescue swim...)

On a better note...I did not finally get the house clean this week, since we were having company over...after breaking my "after bedtime" rule that strictly states that I will not do any cleaning after putting the kids to bed, since that is my time for me and with my sweetheart! (And, for the record, I do not intend to make that a house may just have to wait...)

I do not have lots more "Not Me" things to add, but will stop early...I'd hate to bore you to the point of you not coming to read my blog ever again. Because that would break my heart! No, seriously, it just might. So... don't. even. think. about it!

What didn't you do this week??

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