Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parental Blindness parents of our two beautiful, uniquely different, and deeply loved little ones...Mark and I have officially decided that we must both be blind when looking at Katie and Austin. No matter how hard we try, we cannot see how they look alike. What are we missing (other than they had about the same amount of hair)???

Here are pictures of Katie and Austin at the same age (7 months). What do YOU see that is "just alike"? We're really curious! All I see is...different smiles...different noses...different hairline...different eye shape...different head shape...different children. So, help me out! :D

Katie at 7 months

Austin at 7 months


Josh, Christina and Daniel Busby said...

Ok Marsha,

Your children have the same eyebrow shape, ears and cheekbones. Other then that they are completely different

Kyle said...

I agree with the last post!! Especially the eyebrows & ears! LOL