Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Fever!

I think it is safe to say that our family has "Spring Fever"! The weather has been beautiful...except for all of the rainy and terribly stormy days we've had...and the extremely COLD temperatures we're feeling now. Okay, so maybe they weather hasn't been beautiful! But we can feel it...we can see it...Spring IS coming! Can you find our "Spring Fever" in the pictures??

Our view looking to the left from our back patio doorway
YES! That's a fence on the left side! We now have a fenced in backyard!! Well, minus finishing the gates, which are in the works already. It looks so different, but GREAT out there now!!

And what's this???
Could it be that our beautiful Japanese Maple is beginning to bloom those crimson (TIDE) red leaves for us to enjoy already?! I am so excited! I love being able to look out the kitchen window to see it, especially when it is fully bloomed, which should be soon!

And...could this be...
a blooming Amarilla, already?! Oh, the beauty of God's creation I'm about to enjoy in the comfort of my own back (and front) yard!

And we couldn't forget to mention Katie's plant projects...
Her Petunias are still thriving beautifully!

Her grape tomato plants on week #2

Wow! Remember how they looked last week? I think Katie put them on steriods or something...just kidding...they are all organic!! But they are definitely growing lots! We now have 10 tall tomato sprouts to care for.

And...could it be...
Katie's strawberry seeds are sprouting after 1 week!? Yes...it's a small sprout. She actually has 4 small sprouts. But, considering it was supposed to take 3-4 weeks to sprout, I think they are doing great! We'll have deliciously sweet everbearing strawberries before we know it (hopefully)!

Can you find Katie in the midst of her "Spring Fever"?
She is sooo excited about getting to go to the gardens (Bellingrath Gardens) this Saturday for their annual egg hunt, pictures with the Easter Bunny, and spring portraits (by me, of course)! She asks me every morning if today is Saturday...so, be sure to check back next week to see our pictures from the upcoming Easter weekend!

And finally, can you spot Austin's "Spring Fever"??
Okay, okay...so, he doesn't have anything that shows "Spring Fever", but he did just pull himself up to this standing position without any help! Oh, the fun we're about to have...standing today...cruising tomorrow??

Okay...enough of our Spring Fever for now. But be sure to check back next week for lots of posts from our Easter weekend. We will be egg hunting and portrait taking on Saturday morning at Bellingrath. We will be doing a very special Easter story activity Saturday evening/Sunday morning as a family. And, we will be participating in the choir, as an incredible drama, "The Wondrous Cross", is portrayed at our church at 10:30am - JOIN US!

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