Wednesday, May 27, 2009

9 months

At nine months you...

are into everything!

love your food...all kinds of food...but especially my food.

enjoy playing with Katie's "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" toys.

are a very fast crawler and a great cruiser, too!

love getting licked in the face by Meeko each day.

love chasing Meeko around the house, just like your sister!

like using Daddy as a jungle gym to crawl on.

say da-da (mostly), bye-bye (regularly), and ma-ma (sometimes).

squeal like a little girl when you want food, attention, a toy, or any other reason you find. You love your new's funny, but not pleasant on the ears!

love the great outdoors...especially when I let you sneak and try eating grass.

hate the sand right now, but pools are a new favorite!

enjoy your shared bathtime with your sister, even though I can't let you stay in there long because you won't quit drinking the water.

enjoy your sleep at night, but you are finding it hard to let go of that wee-morning nursing. Sorry, does have to go soon...

love're always smiling and talking to anyone and everyone you see!

only need your paci when you're really tired and going to sleep.

enjoy finding the smallest of things to put in your mouth, which keeps me on my toes all day long (trying to be one step ahead of you).

You are such a sweet boy, Austin! You are definitely into everything right now, leaving me with little time for anything but chasing you, but I wouldn't take this time for anything! Too soon from now you will be independent, just like your sister, and then I won't know what to do. I can't believe you are already 9 months old! I will be planning your first birthday party in the next couple of months, and probably crying as I do it (a good cry, though). I love watching you play with your sister right now. You two are going to be such great friends growing up...I love you, little man!!

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