Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Austin's 9 month check-up

Can you believe Austin is already 9 months old??? It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital for his birth. I'm sure you would agree, too. It has flown by!!!

He had yet another good check-up. He's growing like a weed...a very fast weed! He's now 17lb 9oz and 29" long. He had to get one shot yesterday, but he took it like a little trooper! He wimpered a small bit, and then he was back to his normal happy, smiling self.

Katie enjoyed going to the doctor with us. She watched every move each nurse and doctor made with Austin. She wanted to know exactly what each thing was for. So inquisitive! And, what amazes me even more is that she remembers every little detail and uses it while she plays with her dolls later.

Austin will not return for another well-baby visit until he is one year old. Can you believe that we will be planning his first birthday in only a couple of short months??? WOW! We're so thankful for the healthy check-up! :) I'm working on Austin's "9 month" post to help us to remember what he was doing at this age. Be sure to watch for it...

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