Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today...the Barton family is fresh.
Fresh green beans.
Fresh scalloped & yellow squash.
Life has been so busy lately, I have found it hard to cook as fresh as I would like to. Honestly, many days, I've found it hard to cook at all! But, last night we were given a huge bag of homegrown deliciously colored fresh vegetables to cook and enjoy with our flounder tonight. I was thrilled! So, today Katie had her first lesson of snapping beans, and she had a great time. It quickly took me back to the many days I spent sitting on my grandma's front porch (or floor if it was too hot outside) snapping beans. I probably wasn't much older than Katie when I started. Katie was a huge helper through the entire process. And, when we were finished, she was ready to do more! She quickly found her way to the kitchen to help me wash them for cooking this evening. She then spotted something that intrigued her even more than the snap beans...the squash! I think the scalloped squash reminded her of pumpkins, because she wanted to carry it around just as she did when we went to the pumpkin patch this day last fall. I haven't seen her so excited about my planned dinner in a while! It looks like the Barton family is going to be fresh more often.
And, I cannot forget to mention the other fresh part of the Barton household today...
Fresh new project materials.

Yes! They arrived! My mystery project, mentioned briefly on my "Not Me, Monday" post earlier this week, is slowly taking form. These are the materials that I have chosen to use to make ...da-da-da-daaaa (suspense is building, I can feel it!) very first ...(is it killing you yet?) ...Ragged Square Quilt!

I know what you're thinking..."quilting?? Marsha!?" hehe...I'm still thinking that sometimes, too. But I am dying to try and hoping for the best (that it will turn out and be at least a little bit salvageable). For those of you that know me, I'm not very "learned" in sewing, and I'm not the least bit knowledgeable (except for reading the directions of my new project) in quilting. So, we'll see how this goes. But don't you think the fabric is just adorable??? I thought so, too! I will keep you updated on my progress as I get through the steps. And, who knows...maybe I'll actually be good at it, and I can make one for you one day! hehe...don't get too excited...I haven't done anything but pick out fabric, yet!

So...what do YOU think of the family freshness?


The Ranew Family said...

Oh, I LOVE the new fabric. I am so excited for you to do this and let me kow how it goes so maybe I can try one day!! I really do love the fabric. Where did you order it from?

Mark said...

I loved the surprise of the freshness :) Really enjoyed getting to hear Katie tell me about helping mommy and the fun time we had at the softball park after I made it home from work. Especially when Katie told me I was dirty and I needed a bath (100 times on the way home) LOL

I too am looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor with the quilting project. I know a little girl who is probably going to fight you for it though!

Hannah Jo Creations said...

I love the fabric, too especially the green with blue and white polka dots. I can't wait to see your quilt! I bet you'll do a GREAT job!