Friday, May 1, 2009

Gone Fishin'

We spent this afternoon/evening at Mark's grandparents' house. He had promised Katie that she could go fishing with him at Pawpaw Barton's house, and she did not let him forget it! So, this week, after Katie did so well with eye drops, we took her to pick out her very own fishing pole. Of course, it had to be pink! Need you even ask?
So, for the past several days, she jumps out of bed and runs in to ask me "can we go today?"! And, finally, today we were able to say "Yes!" She had such a great time. And I think the grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed it a little bit, too. Take a look...

Here are Pawpaw Barton and Katie feeding the fish...

Austin...doing what he does best...
Eating (the buckle strap to his stroller), that is!!

I love these pictures of Mark and Katie!
She was so intently listening to every bit of instruction he gave to her.
Such a Daddy's girl now...and Daddy is eating it up!!! :D

I didn't get to do much of the fishing,
but I did get to pose for a quick picture
with my little princess and adorable princess fishing pole!

And what did we find while fishing, you ask?
Yep, that's right, a snake! There were fish in there,
but they weren't wanting to come up...I wonder why!

Nana, Mawmaw & Austin...enjoying time in the swing!

Katie following her Uncle Myles' every move :)
The catch of the evening...courtesy of Daddy and the pink princess rod...
wait for it...wait for it...
You guessed it! A pole!!
That red thing is Katie's hook and bobber...
better luck next time, Daddy!
We all had a great time together this evening. No, we didn't catch any fish, but Katie has plenty of other opportunities for that. She had so much fun learning how to use her fishing pole, try to eat the bait (don't worry...we were using bread mostly), or looking for the ducks to feed. Poor thing was exhausted when we got home, but will probably talk about her fishing fun for days to come. And Austin...well, let's just say he wasn't lacking attention while with the family, and he was lovin' every minute!

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Hannah Jo Creations said...

Looks like you all had a fun weekend but the picture of the snake gave me the willies! LOL