Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Now's the time to confess all that we did not do this week...
and laugh about it together. Because, you see, I am in fact not Super Mom! :)

I'm not completely thrilled that MckMama is back home with Stellan and "Not Me! Monday"ing again! Be sure to go on over to her blog to see all of the "Not Me" bloggers' fun stories!

My house has not been completely neglected due to many unforseen, unplanned happenings around our family.

I did not let my laundry lay ready to be put away so long this week that it's now time to wash again...

I am not actually starting to go into withdrawals from my cleaning schedule, and am glad it's Monday to try to get on track this week!

Austin is not cutting his first tooth right now, which is causing us very sleepless nights, more dirty diapers, lots of drool, and days marked with fussiness...gotta love it! And, to make it more interesting, Austin definitely did notstart biting me while nursing yesterday! I firmly said "No, No" to him, and he puckered his lips into the saddest look and cry, which honestly made me want to laugh and cry at him all at the same time! Though I did get to see a new look for him, I do hope that never EVER happens again!!

I am definitely not counting down the days until May 15th...when I get to leave for a much needed vacation at the beach with my mom, sisters, and niece. Although, I'm not sure that it's a vacation from my job, since I'll have the kids with me. haha :)

I'm not going to end this post without pictures, because I ran out of time. I'm about to take pictures for a friend's little baby. :)

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