Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again...time to 'fess up on all of the things we did not do this week.

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I was not talking on my cell in the car (not watching the kids), only to find Katie coloring on the window with crayons. And since I know my sweet, innocent girl would not do such a thing, I certainly do not have scratches on the window that will be a reminder to all for the rest of the car's life!

I did not forget to grab something to drink as we were leaving the house (after just nursing Austin), just to realize that I was parched only 10 minutes parched, in fact, that I finally gave in and drank from Katie's sippy cup! I would never do that!

I certainly did not give up on agreeing with Katie on dinner and allow her to make her own menu...a nutrigrain cereal bar, raw baby carrots, string cheese, and grapes. Talk about a delicious combination!

I did not unintentionally leave Austin's pacifier at home, leaving him in the church nursery tired, cranky, and paci-less. Needless to say, there will be an extra pacifier placed in the car for "such a time is this" from now on!

I am not taking Katie to yet another opthamologist appointment for her red eyes. Apparently she has bad allergies to something right now. And I am so afraid they are going to prescribe special eye drops again, which will make me have even more tough days of holding her down and trying to get them in her eyes...I'm praying for a better option!

I am not almost dreading the next few days, since I will be husbandless. Mark has training all week long out of town. Thankfully, my mom and sisters will be here on Thursday, and we'll be headed to the beach for our annual girls' getaway trip!

I did not really enjoy my Mother's Day with my sweet family. I am so blessed to have them! I hope the rest of my "mother" readers had a great special day, as well! :)

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Anonymous said...

Some suppers are best left up to the kids. Some days I am just so happy that my picky 3 year old agrees to eat. I always am thankful that he loves cereal - I just need to figure a way to add meat to his cereal. However, my son always will eat at Grandma's house.
Hope your daughter does not need eye drops! Look forward to reading your blog next week.
Terri from Ontario, Canada