Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I love Mondays! Don't you? I get to confess all of those things I did not do this week. It's great therapy for me and great laughs for you!! Not sure what this is? Read mine and then hop on over to all of the other great entries at MckMama's. Come on...join in on the fun! Where else is good therapy free??? :)

I did not find Austin eating Katie's food on 3 separate occasions one day this week! He is not even 9 months old yet, and he's already stealing her PB&J sandwiches off of the table right in front of her nose!

While we were on vacation I did not find the perfect shirt for Austin and buy it for him. It says "Always Hungry" with a big shark on it. (Sorry for the description...I was going to post a picture, but I just haven't had time this week! Keep watching the will appear in a picture one day soon.) Definitely not perfect for my little one, huh? ;)

I do not think that Katie's new desire to compliment everything is absolutely hilarious! She has not complimented the strangest things, like my freckles and Mimi's neck. It's not so hard to hold back the laughs when she's complimenting these off the wall things, because she is absolutely sincere! Have you ever been told, "I like your neck"?

Between the two of them, my children did not have me up every hour all night one night this week. And I was definitely not so tired the next morning that, when it came time for Austin to nurse, I did not let him use me as a pacifier for 20 minutes, just so I could close my eyes for a few minutes longer. I would never do that!

I am not so happy with Katie's new pink room, that I'm finding it hard not to think of colors to paint the rest of our very plain beige walls. We may have more painting in our near future ;)

I did not turn around to find Katie holding Austin upside-down by his ankles more than once this week! And then look at my completely confused when I put her in timeout for it. Poor guy didn't know what to do on his head!

I am not about to begin a new homemade craft that will definitely not take me months to complete. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I'm super excited about trying my hand at it!! I'll be sharing more about this later. My "supplies" should be in this week...don't you just love the suspense??

Now it's YOUR turn! Go on over to MckMama's to read all of the other "Not Me" posts or to see how you can join in on the fun!

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Mark said...

More Painting??? OVER my dead body! LOL jk It was all worth it for my little princess. :)