Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Only Tuesday...

My days usually fly by...faster than I can keep up with! I usually run all day, get a few things checked off of my unending to-do list, add several more, and enjoy a semi-relaxing evening with my hubby and kids. Today is definitely not that day.

Just for laughs (or cries), I'll summarize my last two days for you. Yesterday, we spent much of the day outside or cleaning house until about lunch. Then, we had to get ready to take Katie to the eye doctor. When we finished there, we rushed home to try to squeeze in a little nap for the kids...little was definitely the key word! Austin fell alseep, during which time Katie had an accident in the bed. By the time she was clean and her bed was remade for her to sleep, Austin was awake. The afternoon was spent holding not one, but two clingy, fussy, and for whatever reason whiny children. Thankfully, we did have some Nana and Pawpaw time, to try to give us a break. By evening, I knew we were all exhausted, so I was confident that we would all have a great night's sleep. Unfortunately, as my luck would have it (if I believed in luck, which I don't), from when I put the kids in bed around 8pm, Katie was up every hour crying for who knows why until around 1am. At which time, she finally fell asleep, only to hear Austin crying at 2am and again at 4:30am. Katie woke again at 5:15am, followed by Austin at 6am. Both fell asleep again (thankfully) until 7:30am, when our day officially began. And, so far, it's been about like that today. Lots of persistent disobedience from Katie, consistent discipline from Mommy, persistent mess making and no-no eating from Austin, and consistent moving and removing from Mommy all. day. long. And, unfortunately, it's only 2pm...and...only Tuesday!

I am on day two of being "husbandless", and I am failing miserably! I miss my good morning and good night kisses...my unexpectedly clean sink that he worked on for me before he left for work...my several phone calls during the day to tell me that he loved me and was thinking about me...my evening breaks from the kiddos while they have some daddy time...my not so lonely nights...my help on those really rough nights...and so much more! I know how blessed I am to have my "knight in shining armor", and I'm more than ready to have him back home! Is it Friday, yet??

I'm not one to complain, so forgive me for this being a post that sounds like such...but just know, I am normal. I do love love LOVE my job as a Mommy and wouldn't trade my beautiful children or the time I have with them for anything. But I do have bad days. I do have days that I want to crawl in a hole and take a break. I do miss my sweetheart. I am counting down the days until reinforcements arrive later this week. And, right now, I am going to take a quick nap, while dreaming of tomorrow and the great hopes I have for it! :)


The Ranew Family said...

Oh, my dear sweet friend!! I am praying for you as you are without Mark this week. I know that is so hard. Call me if you need help!! Praying for you and for the kids to be better.

Melanie said...

Hey Marsha! I hope today was better for you guys. It sure makes a difference when our husbands are out of town even for a few days. I'm always so thankful, too, when Scott returns home from a trip. I hope you guys have fun & relax this weekend.