Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Destination: 5th Honeymoon!

Can you believe that Mark and I are close to 2 months away from celebrating our 5th year of "tru wuv in wawage, that bwessed awangment." [Taken from The Princess Bride...I couldn't resist...I love that movie]. August 14th will begin our 5th year together, and I'm falling deeper in love every day with my prince. God has blessed me so much

Well, I am sure you did not come here to read lots of ooshy, gooshy, romantic things I could tell you about the love of my life. We could be here for years if I listed only my favorite things about him. Okay, okay...sorry! Back to the subject...

In light of our upcoming 5 year anniversary, Mark and I have decided to celebrate by going on a "5th Honeymoon". Obviously due to the timing of our anniversary and our son's birthday, we have chosen to postpone our trip until October, when the fall leaves are changing into their beautiful golden yellows, oranges, and reds. And, after several months of idea-making, internet-searching, and recommendation-seeking, we have made our destination official!

We are going to...

enjoy the simple life & celebrate with a kiss!
go somewhere we've never been before.
get out of the south.
get up only when we want to, and enjoy breakfast in bed.
hold each other tight on some thrilling roller coasters.
curl up around a nice warm fire.
end a day with a kiss on top of the kissing tower.
explore 33 acres of beautiful farm land.
let someone else do all of the cooking for us.
enjoy the sweetest place on earth and all the chocolate that it holds.
relax in a nice jacuzzi.
step back in time as we tour the Amish farmland and enjoy dinner at their home.
see a famous battlefield, on horseback.
to be away from our children for 5 days and 4 nights.
enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
see things we've never seen before.
fall even deeper in love.

Doesn't that sound romantic, relaxing, rejuvenating, and exciting all at the same time?! You know where we're going now, don't you? Our secret is out...we're going to make our way to Hershey, PA, and all of the wonderful surrounding areas/attractions that we so choose to venture to. We're staying at this gorgeous bed and breakfast. And, we can't wait!

So...there you have it...

Destination: 5th Honeymoon, Barton-style!


Melanie said...

that sounds great!!

Kyle said...

Do I get to keep the kids??? :) I'm glad you two are going away for some couple time!!