Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Early Bird" gets the...

worm pre-party planning details for two very exciting birthdays! That's right...it's already time to get all of my ducks parties in a row for my two growing ones! Can you believe it??
In less than 2 months, Austin will be celebrating his 1st birthday! He's practicing daily on his walking and paper shredding [when he finds my papers within his reach] skills, so he will be ready to PARRR-TYY!

And only a few weeks later, our precious Katie will be celebrating her 3rd birthday! She's making her birthday wishes and invitation lists already, so she's bound to have an exciting party time!

So...for all of you "Early Birds"...it's time to MARK. YOUR. CALENDARS.

Our planned party dates are set for:

Saturday, August 29th (time is TBA) - Austin's 1st Birthday

Friday, November 6th @ 6 p.m.- Katie's 3rd Birthday

Obviously, invitations and detailed information will come in the near future, but we wanted to let you know the dates now, so you could all plan to join us as we celebrate!

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