Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not take Austin to his 9 month check-up this week, because he most definitely cannot be 9 months old already!!

Speaking of Austin...he is not still cutting his first tooth...the one he has not been cutting for a month now. OUCH! I hope all of his aren't this stubborn coming in...poor guy is not happy about it!

Austin did not enjoy his first taste of non-pureed table foods this week (mac and cheese, bananas, and sweet peas)...he did great with all of it!

And he did not make his first baby sign language gesture this week! He can now sign "milk"'s so cute!!! He is also recognizing the sign for "eat".

We did not leave Austin with Nana and Pawpaw this week in order to take Katie to her first attempts at Putt-Putt Golf. And it was definitely not hilarious watching her skills! She actually did well hitting the balls into the hole (from a nearby area), but if she did get tired of trying, she'd just throw it in with her baseball-like throw!

Katie is not going on week 3 accident free! She has been such a big girl with pottying!!

Speaking of potty-training...I did not have Austin sleeping (after his check-up) in the car, when Katie started insisting that she needed to go potty (about 10 minutes from our house)...and since I knew we would never make it by the time I got Austin out of his seat, ran into a store, etc., I did not ask Katie to hold it. And, she did not proceed to have to go so badly that she started crying. I did not feel so bad about it that I told her that I would understand if she had an accident (which she would not consider doing). And, she screamed the last 3-5 minutes of our car ride due to her trying to hold it. And, after all that, she certainly did not actually make it all the way home and to the bathroom without any sign of an accident! WOW!! On a side note...this made me think about getting one of those portable potty chairs to keep in the car! Sure would've been nice on this day...
Katie did not wake up in the middle of the night this week because she was "looking for Aladdin"...she "had to find Aladdin". Obviously, she's seen that movie a little too much lately...

I did not attempt to take portraits for two sweet sisters (a 3 year old and a 4 month old) with the "help" of my two munchins this week. And if I would consider being so brave and doing such a thing, my biggest challenge definitely would not be keeping my beautiful little girl out of the photo shoot because she likes having her picture taken so much! See!? (this was her "cheese" smile for me)
And to end my post for this Not Me! Monday, I am not going to tell you about Katie's sweet, but funny prayer tonight...we've been teaching her to not pray the same "repeated" prayer every night, but to think about the day and thank God for things about that day. Well, tonight, we were thanking God for letting us go to church, etc., and then she reverted back to yesterday when we took her to play Putt-Putt. She said "and thank you for letting me go play [Putt-Putt] and see the giraffe and elephant with a broke nose" [the statue animals at the mini golf place...she loved them! Obviously I should have taken a picture of the elephant with a broken (or missing) trunk, since it meant so much to her. I didn't do a good job documenting, after all!!] I was really trying not to laugh, but this caught me and Mark off guard. She caught us snickering and not doing a good job of hiding it, so she proceeded to say "I'm sorry I said the wrong words", Sweetie, you didn't say anything wrong. You were very sweet and sincere with your prayer to God. That is exactly what God wants!

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Mel's Mom said...

Woo Hoo for 3 weeks of no accidents! I'm dreaming of those days! :)