Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I certainly did not turn around from unloading dishes to find that Austin had wiggled his way out of his high chair and was standing up in it!

And, my youngest monkey [because I have without a doubt given birth to two monkeys] definitely has not mastered climbing half way up the side of the pack-n-play after only a week of using it as a playpen when I need him contained.

Katie did not seriously ask me to eat "a Larry" the other day...only to get a very puzzled look from me, because I was not quick enough to realize she was talking about a cucumber! [You know, Larry the Cucumber...Veggie Tales?]

And she definitely did not beg me endlessly to let her try out her new bicycle gear while attempting to ride her little tricycle. And I definitely did not post pictures here. [See! I'm really not a totally overprotective mom...we bought it to save for a couple of years because it was a great sale...she begged to wear it...]

Our family did not have a great time at Engineer Day with Mark's work this week...even if we did only get to stay two hours. Austin did not enjoy his new height while there. Katie did not get her first face painting, and loved it! Fun fun!!
Mark did not enjoy a Saturday out with the guys on a deep sea fishing trip. And he definitely did not bring in the biggest catch of the group! See??

I did not finalize my "Not Me" post, only to have to open it when the following happened...

I was not letting Katie play quietly in the bathtub while I was dressed Austin in his pj's and began preparing his dinner. [This is quite typical, because Katie loves playing in the gives me a few minutes to get things done while Austin plays quietly in the living room with toys.] Well, I most definitely did not notice [by listening to their conversations] that Austin was in the bathroom watching Katie play in the tub, head that way to get him, and turn the corner into the bathroom to find him scaling the bathtub wall into the bathtub head first! I did not totally panic when he did this, thinking only about the worst-case scenarios that could have happened had I not known he was in there. Not that it justifies it or anything, but who would have thought a 9 month old could get into a bathtub alone??? NOT ME!!!

On a lighter note, though, it was not hilarious to see Katie's reaction to all of the drama. Her biggest concern was definitely not that "his new [hand-me-down] pjs were all wet, so he can't wear them now!" I wish I could have snapped pictures of their faces...but I was too panicked at the time. He did obviously enjoy his new feat, though, because after I redressed him, he did not head straight back to the tub and began stretching his leg over the side. BOYS!!

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