Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not finally get brave enough to let Mark help me color my own hair this week to help us save money. And, I am not so pleased with the results that it will probably become a regular event.

I did not have a roller-coaster of emotions this week when I came to the sad conclusion that Austin is trying very hard to self-wean at 9 1/2 months. And, it has not taken me time to convince myself that this is an okay thing. Especially since I'm having to supplement a little in the evening. My baby is growing too fast!

Austin did not take his first steps this week. And I did not post a video of it here.

I do not just love this stage that Katie is in! She does not make every effort every day to dress from head to toe, hair to shoes, just like her mommy. I know this won't last long, so I'm taking it in...before I know it, she'll be laughing at my style as she creates her own!

Speaking of Katie...She did not seriously ask me..."Was this milk from yesterday?"...when she wanted her cup before lunch. Talk about making me feel like a bad mom! [Is my house so bad that she has to ask how long a cup has been there before drinking it?] Please know that I do not, really I do not make a habit of leaving milk sitting around to spoil and let her drink later on, even though her question does make it sound like I do.

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Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

Both of your babies are growing too fast...and I think it's funny that Katie asked about the milk :) Love you all!

~Sandy~ said...

Great "Not Me"!