Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

We did not spend the past two Saturdays swimming and eating watermelon. And because of that, Katie definitely does not think that is going to happen every Saturday now!

Katie is not already asking to go to Aunt Sandra's to swim and eat Uncle Georges' "mean watermelon."

Katie is not already a computer pro...after only 3 short attempts she has mastered the whole game. She's practicing her matching, her ABCs, her counting, etc., all while giving Mommy a few minutes to get other things accomplished.

Austin is not walking like a pro now...well, a pro wobbly toddler. And it is not too cute to watch!

Austin now has this new "pity party" thing he does when he gets spatted on the hand for disobeying and touching no-no items. If I spat his hand, he does not immediately grab his arm and hold it up for all to see as if to say "That hurt! Did you see what she did? Please love on me and then let me do it again without the spat!" It is definitely not hard to keep a straight face through this right now...

Austin is not still trying to cut his bottom teeth...he's 10 months old and no teeth! With Katie being 7 months when she got hers, I figured he'd be early, too. Not so...

I do not have lots of pictures to edit of children's portraits that I took this past week...and even more portrait orders to process.

The kids are not really enjoying their bath/play time together right now. It is one time of the day that neither of them fuss or complain at each other...all is well with the sibling time...
We do not have VBS this whole week, and wayyy too many other things to name that has to be done. So, as much as I hate it, you will probably hear/see very little from us in the blog world this week.

Mine is simple this week...but I did want to post a little. Hop on over to MckMama's place to read all of the other great Not Me! Monday posts or to learn how to join in on the fun!

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