Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, already??

I have been told that somehow my days have flown by too quickly, and I missed my "Not Me! Monday" that you were all so anxiously awaiting. Too true...it is now Tuesday, and I'm just now getting to sit for a moment to tell you all about our past week.

The past couple of days, we have been enjoying some much anticipated time with my family (my mom, sisters, and sweet niece). So, we'll blame them for my "Not Me! Monday" post being not posted. They are only here for a few days, but we are taking advantage of enjoying every minute of the extra help with my crazy kids our family time.

While my family has been here, Austin has decided to find his badge of courage and take off walking on his own...no fingers to help...no walking wings that Aunt Heather let us borrow. And he is doing amazingly well! He has been walking across the living room without help. He only has to have a "goal" in sight.

Yesterday, I turned to see Austin standing on top of his Mater truck. I quickly told him to get down now before you fall, and he just as quickly blurted out "No, No, No!" Words I have yet to hear out of his mouth and am not looking forward to hearing from here on out...

Katie caught us off surprise yesterday, as well. My mom and I were getting out of the car and talking about how extremely hot (heat index of 112) it was, when Katie quickly jumped in and said "Well, come on in to my house." Already a girl full of southern hospitality!

Okay...those were some of what would have been on my "Not Me! Monday" post if it weren't indeed Tuesday. I'll be back with pictures tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday! Have a great Monday Tuesday.

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Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

You forgot to tell everyone about the "maggots" (magnets) in Katie's room! I'm really enjoying spending time with Katie & Austin! They are both too smart for their own good :)