Friday, July 31, 2009

Homeschooling Katie

I cannot believe that it is almost September! Where did the summer go?? I have one month to kick into high-gear making preparations to begin Katie's K-3 homeschooling plans.

Last year was our first year to "homeschool" Katie. I use the term loosely, because regardless of how you do it, each stay-at-home mom homeschools. Though I am not required by law to keep records for Katie at this point, I have chosen to take full advantage of Katie's "sponge-like" brain, and teach her all that I can! Though it was tough to keep a routine with Katie last year (due to Austin's birth, mostly), we still managed to master many skills and introduce many more. I am so proud of her accomplishments!

A few of the things that I saw Katie improve in or master this past year included:
  • finding a love to read...even when she doesn't know the story, she will make one to go alone with the stories now. The library is one of her favorite places!
  • learning to sing and say her ABC's, and recognizes some of them
  • mastering all of her colors and shapes
  • counting 1-25, counting objects 1-15
  • learning to trace lines with crayons
  • memorizing several scriptures, that we use daily
  • learning too many songs to count! (she LOVES to sing!)
  • prays short meal time and longer bedtime prayers (SO sweet to hear)
  • increasing her vocabulary exponentially!!
  • knowing her "manners" words and using them correctly
  • helping with daily routines and chores

Those are just a few things we worked on last year, but it amazes me to see how much she learned in that short time. I am looking forward to this year of teaching Katie. We will be working mainly on recognizing her alphabet and numbers, and learning to write them. I will be using the Bible stories, crafts, and activities from Hands On Homeschooling (age 3), and the letters and numbers through Abeka's age 3 curriculum. The rest will be hands on activities, etc., that will be found from various resources :) Have I mentioned that I am SO excited??? I just can't get over how much she learns, just be watching and listening to me! What a responsibility I have as a Mom! It is such an honor to be able to teach our children in the Lord. Please pray that God will use me in their lives, despite my many short-comings.

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