Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

The "Not Me! Monday" graphic did not go through rennovation that I think is great. Don't you?

I definitely did not somehow get so far behind on laundry that it became almost mountainous!

This week, I did not have many laughs while watching Katie and her imagination! She did not use Austin's pack-n-play a rocket to blast off to the beach...

And she did not set up her own "school" to teach them songs and Bible verses that she knew. She did not have one not-so-cooperative student in her class...can you find him??

I did not take hundreds of snapshots of the kids this week before I had to send my rented lens back. And I do not miss it terribly already! I'm not going to have to save quick for this wish list item!!

Austin is not still trying to cut those two bottom teeth. Poor thing is soooo cranky because of it!

We did not enjoy a very busy, but fun-filled holiday with our family and friends. And I am not going to make you wait longer to see the evidence (aka pictures) of all of our fun.

Our fun did not end with a big BANG that we all enjoyed for 20 minutes!!

I'm not going to have to leave the rest of our updates and "not me's" for a later day because I have many things I need to be doing...


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1 comment:

Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

I love the picture of Katie's classroom!! LOL She has a great imagination! Can't wait to see you all!