Monday, July 20, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Okay, so we're changing things up this week!

Instead of the regular "not me" Monday, you get "not my child" Monday. goes nothing! (Sorry about the lack of pictures...I'm exhausted and crazy busy from our trip!)

Austin did not thoroughly enjoy getting blasted in the face with hard water spouts at the local splash pad, dispite my many attempts to keep him in the more "baby friendly" sprinklers. Not my child!

Katie definitely did not pull a "Marilyn Monroe" with those hard water spouts at the splash pad...repeatedly...while I sat back, took pictures, laughed, and laughed some more. Definitely not my child!

The kids did not enjoy their new Home Depot tool set/workbench from Mimi, that they both decided to test their skills on Aunt Megan! Katie did not realize that needle-nosed pliers work great for pulling long hair (ouch!), and Austin did not make every attempt to crack a head with the hammer. Sorry, Aunt Megan!! My children would never do that!

Katie did not see her first Karate/Jujitsu preformance [Aunt Megan and Mimi both graduated up in belt rank this past weekend]. And, as she watched, her favorite part was definitely not grappling. While watching, she did not laugh histerically each time someone would get thrown to the mat (only after she was sure they were okay). Not my child...

Katie did not then decide to grapple Austin when we got home! [She knows she can't grapple anyone without their (and my) permission now]. And she definitely isn't so cute while she tries to grapple and work on her karate spin kicks.

While away from home, Austin has not cut out a milk feeding and added a lot of extra food! One night, he did not drink 6 oz milk, two jars of baby food, oatmeal, a small bowl of mashed potatoes, a big spoon full of macaroni and cheese, who knows how many puffs, and half of my cup of homemade icecream. And, after all of that, was not still begging for food! My child would not eat like this...especially daily!

Katie did not get upset with me when we had the following conversation...

Guess who comes home today?


Daddy does!

Is he still in Cawiforna?

No, he's flying to Texas right now.

*Starts to cry* But I don't want him to go to Texas! I want him to come home!!

I don't blame her for being upset...I'm ready for Daddy to be home, too! It was not the sweetest conversation, though. Thankfully, Daddy did make it home from Texas, so she isn't so mad anymore... :) it's YOUR turn! Hop over to McMama's to read all the other "Not Me! Monday" posts or to find out how to join in :)


Kyle, Heather, and Sydney said...

I feel so privileged to have been able to witness most of these first hand!! We miss you all terribly!

Hannah Jo Creations said...

I'm loving the new blog design! The family pic at the top is too cute!