Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rewind: Hot Air Balloon Festival

I realized that I failed to post the fun that we had at the local Hot Air Balloon Festival last today, we're rewinding...

One of many balloons flying in for the festival fun!

From the moment we arrived, the kids were amazed watching the balloons fly in!

Our happy family in front of one of the fire engines there...

Austin spent the entire 3 hours sitting in the wagon with no complaints! He had so much fun watching all of the balloons, music, and people. And we didn't mind getting a break from carrying him all night :)

Katie enjoyed her wagon time a little...then she was ready to get out and run :)

A quick "cheese" from Mommy and Katie

Austin watching the balloons begin to glow...

Daddy and Katie showing off their "golden tickets" that allowed them to take a ride in one of the hot air balloons! They gave out very few tickets at each balloon, so it was exciting for them to get their tickets!

Katie's reaction when the balloon first went was LOUD!!
She still wanted to take her ride, though :)

Katie and Daddy taking their ride! She said she was a little scared with the loud noise, but she liked it and would do it again. She was such a big girl!!
It was a very hot afternoon/evening, but the kids had a blast! We have enjoyed making this festival an annual event for our family and are looking forward to next year.

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